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¿ALGUIEN ME PUEDE AYUDAR  Escribe un diálogo en estilo directo (Reported Speech)de 8 líneas en donde cuentes una situación problemática.?

Tienes que incluir por lo menos 3 tiempos verbales.

Puedes usar cualquier tipo de personajes y lugar

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    (On the phone)

    +Hey Emma! It's me, Rob.

    -Hey Rob! How have you been? It's been ages!

    +Yeah! I also feel the same. Actually I'm good, something interesting happened to me last week.

    -Oh? What happened?

    + When I arrived to the library on Monday morning I saw this van with a TV antenna and a woman standing next to it with a camera and a microphone. She had been there the whole morning apparently.

    -And what was she doing there? Did you talk to her?

    +She was trying to interview people about the earthquake that had happened the week before and she was asking if any of us were at the library when it happened. By the time I arrived she hadn't been able to find anyone that wanted to answer.

    -Really? So what did you do?

    +I approached her and volunteered to be interviewed. By the time she finished asking me questions, ten people had approached out of curiosity and they also wanted to be interviewed. Ten minutes later, she had managed to interview fifiteen people.

    -That's so nice of you! She must have been waiting there for hours before you arrived.

    +Yeah, she had been trying to interview people since 9 a.m. Sometimes it just takes one person to encourage the rest to do the same

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