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Will Dodgers win game 6 tomorrow night against Rays and become champions? Or can Rays still comeback? What must Dodgers do to win?

What went wrong for Rays in game 5?

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    Objectively I'd say the odds for the Dodgers don't look good in Game 6 and Game 7 would be a coin flip at best.

    Unless the Dodgers break with convention and move Buehler up to start Game 6, it will be another "bullpen" game.  Not only did they already lose Game 2 using that same strategy, but that bullpen has been worked hard and their flaws greatly exposed since then.

    Part of the advantage of having a deep bullpen is supposed to be the ability to keep throwing new, unfamiliar looks at your opponent.  Some of the Rays hitters will be seeing the same Dodger bullpen arm for the 3rd or 4th time by tomorrow night. That pretty much eliminates the "surprise" factor of Graterol's 100 mph fastball or Treinen's hard slider.The big knock on Roberts in all his playoff games is over-management of the pitching staff.  There have been too many games where he's used up his arms by the 8th inning and when Jansen struggles or the game goes to extra innings, there's nobody left to shut down the other team.  A loss in a Game 6 bullpen game would set up his team up for a rocky Game 7 if Buehler can't go a dominant 7 or 8 innings.Both teams have succeeded by wearing down opposing pitchers and feasting of two or three key mistakes.  Unfortunately for the Dodgers, Roberts' management style plays into the Rays hands going into the final two games.  If the Rays can feast on the Dodger bullpen in Game 6, those arms are going to be worn out for Game 7.For the Dodgers to win, they need to keep up the relentless pressure and not fall into the "swing as hard as you can" mindset that seems to cripple them every three of four games...The pitching staff has to be just about perfect, because if they're not, Roberts will likely come with a quick hook which...of course... will also nullify that bullpen depth...

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    No.  The Dodgers will lose tomorrow night and Wednesday night as they choke away yet another World Series.

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