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In addition to being president, they vote for a supreme court of 9 members or 9 members plus a few more blacks, a lesbian and a Muslim?

Kamala Harris was quite clear, they will increase the number of members of the court (in the purest South American style) adding members not for any merit but for the group or characteristics, that they are women even if they do not deserve it, that they are black or black although they do not they deserve, that they be gay even if they do not deserve it and Muslim (if there is any in justice) even if they do not deserve it.

Thus they will sororize the court. And they will destroy forever the independence of powers (political correctness does not accept that they doubt or do not adhere to their dogmas).

Nowadays, your professional career does not matter, but if you are gay, female, black, Muslim, or any characteristic spoiled by political correctness.


It seems that liberals can't read between the lines. the Marxist was very clear with saying "no black was added." Already there you have the clear disposition to increase the number of court judges and with clearly elections of those positions in charge of political correctness.

The narrative is imposed, the sororized agenda and the independence of powers is eliminated. Marxism does it all over the world.

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    According to Pence, she did not answer that question, which he asked her in response to the moderator’s question about protecting Americans with preexisting conditions. Right about the time that pile of **** was swarmed by flies. 

  • hace 4 meses

    [citation needed]

  • Leo
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    Your question is a lie.

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