¿Cuales son sus mejores live metal/hard rock albums anos 80?


Anos 90

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    appetite for destruction, guns n roses y acdc live

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    decade of agression SLAYER 1991

    live AC/DC 1992

    operation livecrime QUEENSRYCHE 1991

    a real live one IRON MAIDEN 1993

    a real dead one IRON MAIDEN 1993

    live donington IRON MAIDEN 1993

    live **** binge and purge METALLICA 1993

    s/m METALLICA 1999

    cunning stunts METALLICA 1998

    live cross purposes BLACK SABBATH 1995

    live reunion BLACK SABBATH 1998

    another lesson in violence EXODUS 1997

    wrecking your neck OVERKILL 1995

    unplugged ALICE IN CHAINS 1996

    return to the apocalyptic city TESTAMENT 1993

    live at the fillmore TESTAMENT 1995

    official live:101 proof PANTERA 1997

    alive in athens ICED EARTH 1999

    alive III KISS 1993

    mtv unplugged KISS 1996

    the island years ANTHRAX 1994

    live meltdown JUDAS PRIEST 1998

    hell on wheels MANOWAR 1997

    hell on stage MANOWAR 1999

    hell on earth II live brasil MANOWAR 1998

    everything louder than everything else live munich MOTORHEAD 1991

    everything louder than everyone else live hambourg MOTORHEAD 1999

    no bull live madrid AC/DC 1996

    marooned SODOM 1994

    visions of europe STRATOVARIUS 1997

    live noize ANTHRAX 1991

    double live assassins WASP 1998

    live in L.A DEATH 1998

    live in Eindhoven DEATH 1998

    inferno last in live DIO 1998

    live in London hammersmith appolo DIO 1993

    live and loud OZZY OSBOURNE 1993

    all areas worlwide ACCEPT 1997

    live budokan YNGWIE MALMSTEEN 1994

    in command ANNIHILATOR 1996

    taste of rebellion LAAZ ROCKIT 1992

    dynamo claasics concert METAL CHURCH 1991

    live CANDLEMASS 1990

    when satan lives DEICIDE 1998

    entangled in chaos MORBID ANGEL 1996

    dead OBITUARY 1998

    live at brixton academy FAITH NO MORE 1991

    live intrusion SLAYER 1995

    live and rare RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE 1998

    unplugged NIRVANA 1994

    live at reading NIRVANA 1992

    from the muddy banks of the whishkah NIRVANA 1996

    live Wembley warchest box MEGADETH 1990

    live trax MEGADETH 1997

    still ignorant SACRED REICH 1997

    at the pulse of kapitulation KREATOR 1990

    live corruption NAPALM DEATH 1993

    burning japan live ARCH ENEMY 1999

    live in germania MARDUK 1996

    infernal eternal MARDUK 1999

    fat ugly and live TANKARD 1991

    emperial ceremony EMPEROR 1999

    live at the marquee DREAM THEATER 1993

    once in a livetime DREAM THEATER 1998

    sphinctour MINISTRY 1997

    holy live ANGRA 1997

    live KILLERS 1995

    a live TRUST 1997

    different stages RUSH 1998

    Under siege live Barcelona SEPULTURA 1992

    Under a pale grey sky SEPULTURA 1996

    crazy world tour live SCORPIONS 1991

    live bites SCORPIONS 1995

    alive 95 GAMMA RAY 1995

    power of metal GAMMA RAY 1994

    high live HELLOWEEN 1996

    swallow this live POISON 1991

    live in australia STRAPPING YOUNG LAD 1998

    the eagles has landed SAXON 1996

    tokyo tales BLIND GUARDIAN 1993

    symphony for the devil TYPE O NEGATIVE 1999

    five man acoustical jam TESLA 1990

    a fistful of alice ALICE COOPER 1997

    live aus berlin RAMMSTEIN 1999

    tokyo warhearts CHILDREN OF BODOM 1999

    live era 87/96 GUNS'N'ROSES 1999

    live Entertainment or death MOTLEY CRUE 1999

    live at budokan SOD 1992

    one night live DOKKEN 1996

    japan live SAVATAGE 1994

    live here right now VAN HALEN 1993

    ghost in the ruins SAVATAGE 1995

    hypocrisy destroys wacken HYPOCRISY 1999

    superheat THE GATHERING 1999

    atomic live VULCAIN 1996

    the time keeper LOUDBLAST 1995

    live hammersmith odeon NUCLEAR ASSAULT 1992

    come hell or high water DEEP PURPLE 1994

    live olympia DEEP PURPLE 1996

    raising hell IRON MAIDEN 1990

    black masquerade RAINBOW 1995


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