¿Cuales son sus mejores live metal/hard albums rock anos 80?

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    Nirvana, AC/DC, los mejores

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    speak to the devil OZZY OSBOURNE 1982

    tribute to randy rhoads OZZY OSBOURNE 1982

    just say ozzy OZZY OSBOURNE 1989

    live after death IRON MAIDEN 1985

    made in japan IRON MAIDEN 1981

    maiden england IRON MAIDEN 1988

    live beast over hammersmith IRON MAIDEN 1982

    live at the rainbow IRON MAIDEN 1980 (early days dvd)

    live at rusky arms IRON MAIDEN 1980 (early days dvd)

    no sleep till hammersmith MOTORHEAD 1981

    no sleep at all MOTORHEAD 1988

    live sheffield MOTORHEAD 1983

    live at brixton MOTORHEAD 1987

    live in toronto MOTORHEAD 1982

    birthday party MOTORHEAD 1985

    live evil BLACK SABBATH 1982

    live hammersmith odeon BLACK SABBATH 1982

    world wide live SCORPIONS 1985

    staying a life ACCEPT 1985

    extra terrestrial live BLUE OYSTER CULT 1981

    live in the raw WASP 1987

    live in uk HELLOWEEN 1989

    live nfv london ANTHRAX 1987

    live in seattle METALLICA 1989

    live in houston AC/DC 1983 (plug me dvd)

    live in eindhoven LAAZ ROCKIT 1988

    the eagle has landed SAXON 1982

    rock'n'roll gypsies SAXON 1980

    live donington SAXON 1980

    live madrid innocence is no excuse SAXON 1986

    live riot QUIET RIOT 1983

    eine kleine nachtmusik VENOM 1985

    live at hammersmith odeon WHITESNAKE 1980

    live in the heat of L.A WHITESNAKE 1980

    live in the round in your face DEF LEPPARD 1988

    alive at the dynamo SACRED REICH 1989

    raw evil live at dynamo FORBIDDEN 1989

    live eindhoven TESTAMENT 1987

    out in the dark into the light KREATOR 1988

    live in philly DIO 1986

    live intermission DIO 1986

    live donington DIO 1983/1987

    live from the spectrum DIO 1984

    beast from the east DOKKEN 1988

    exit stage left RUSH 1981

    live without sense DESTRUCTION 1989

    saints will conquer ARMORED SAINT

    one night at budokan MSG 1981

    priest...live JUDAS PRIEST 1987

    live vengeance memphis JUDAS PRIEST 1982

    mortal way of live SODOM 1988

    **** you OVERKILL 1987

    live undead SLAYER 1984

    abigail live KING DIAMOND 1987

    nobody's perfect DEEP PURPLE 1987

    perfect strangers live DEEP PURPLE 1984

    animalyse live uncensored detroit KISS 1984

    paris by night TRUST 1988

    live repression TRUST 1980

    live at the rockpalast TRUST 1982

    eurobounds LOUDNESS 1984

    live loud alive tokyo LOUDNESS 1983

    regenerator live hammersmith odeon UFO 1981

    trial by fire live in leningrad YNGWIE MALMSTEEN 1989

    live scars DARK ANGEL 1989

    good friendly violent fun EXODUS 1989

    live METAL CHURCH 1986

    live at hammersmith TWISTED SISTER 1984

    classics live II AEROSMITH 1987

    classics live I AEROSMITH 1986

    live us festival san bernardino JUDAS PRIEST 1983 (screaming for vengeance bonus 2012)

    live long beach JUDAS PRIEST 1984(defenders of the faith bonus 2014)

    live kansas JUDAS PRIEST 1986 (turbo bonus 2016)

    live Hammersmith NUCLEAR ASSAULT 1989

    live 85/86 SAMHAIN

    live (curry and wine) HOLOCAUST 1983

    live Cleveland MEGADETH 1987 (peace sells bonus 2012)

    live great Yarmouth MOTORHEAD 1984 (orgasmatron bonus 2006)

    live doninghton MOTORHEAD 1986 (rock'n'roll bonus 2006)

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