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Can someone define this? Have I a brain disease?

This text is the translation of my information. I am not English speaker.

I will present inaccurate information on this topic, because it is inexplicable to me, so far.

Until I was eight years old, more or less, I had the notion of being alive. Around that time, I lost something that I could feel. It's like I don't feel emotions, or sensations, but I still feel them. It is as if I have lost a sense.

To feel a little more alive, I tried to pinch my nose and, together with this action, I pretended to expel air from my nose, strongly, but without expelling the air, due to the pinch of my nose that obviously closed my airway nasal.

But, I can also conclude that this sense I have not completely lost. Let's say I lost thirty percent of this sense, and with time, I will feel more like I am inside a dream. Yes, it can be so. I feel unconscious.

This I can conclude. Can anyone define this?

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