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Differences between white and black communities: whites do not defend their criminals?

When a white thief or murderer is arrested, no group of whites will defend him just because he is white. They will defend you if they think you are innocent.

The black community seems to stand up for all black detainees whether they are guilty or not. Whether it's a stranger or O. J. Simpson.

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For example: I am white and I think it is wonderful to have a white thief arrested. Or a white assassin. Or Hispanic. Or black. Or whatever if he's guilty.

Instead there was a note on Yahoo where someone had uploaded Floyd's file and was fired or had a business canceled and treated as a consummate racist. It seems that it was not pertinent to speak of the record precisely in an arrest that ended in death. As if they were going to hide that information at the trial.

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    Agreed. Democrats hate America 

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    Ana you are extremely racist and sick. Your saying all muslims are rapists and beat women when WHITES in America rape and kill women. Please get a life i hope you get cancer really quick so your disgusting body can be wiped off this earth. 

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    lets just have a race war. i wanna beat some racist craker azz! 

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