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¿hello people of Argentina its my 1st time asking here in English, i need help with Portuguese?

ok i can't speak Spanish, i'm sorry so i tried Brazil yahoo, but i got rude or offensive answers sometimes what immature Brazilians write to me profanity words in English or sometimes in Portuguese when using a translator or when i ask them to, please write me in English and still some write in Portuguese that i can't read, but very little help there, i get very little English answers of translations so i got tired of it and tried English yahoo to ask if there r any Portuguese speakers, but not a lot of Portuguese speakers there to translate me, can anybody here speak Portuguese if ur a Argentine Brazilian or something could u translate me a Portuguese comic to English, please?

here is the image for u if any Spanish speakers speak Portuguese and understood me in English what happened i tried on yahoo Brazil also i think this comic is very popular in all of Spanish countries on the borders of Brazil and now i'm trying on Argentinian yahoo so u need to know Portuguese when helping me this right?

also unlike US and Canada being both all English countries, Latin America r not all Spanish to easily connect on all each other the whole Latin America opposite to Anglo America, because Brazil is Portuguese, it's odd Latin America is a lot of Spanish countries, but 1 Portuguese country rather a Spanish country, even the first explorer who discover Brazil is a Spanish speaker, but Brazil failed to be a Spanish country

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