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How much do you appreciate Biden's quote from Prophet Muhammad (p.s.): we must intervene with good deed, if not beautiful words, or calm? ?


This quote from President Biden was addressed to all Muslims to strengthen the right electorate for justice and against oppression. It adds to his reflection on the importance of love in the Bible.

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    This is to prove that the teaching of Prophet Muhammad (Sal.) as Joe Biden  quote, as above ,then it is to confirm that this teaching is universal and being immortal , regardless of era and time. So doing good deed to respond with bad deed , if can not do it, then respond with good and beautiful words or otherwise keep quiet . Jesus Christ (A) himself teach in the Bible that , if some one slap on your face then do turn another cheek for him/her to slap on. If those who believe and practice as according to Jesus Christ teaching ,as above, then there would be no ,Crusaders Wars and the two  World Wars and proxy wars in different regions of the world right now. Since the present Democratic political system of the West turn to be Secularism, then discard the teaching of the Prophets of GOD , whom they were the best people of the world in all eras. Since Biden quote the Holy Words of the last Holy Prophet of GOD, then it is a good sign that the new political system of the world is returning to be more of religious teaching ,that would surely unite the whole mankind to become one and the same nation, to assist each others to promote the real peace and justice for the present and the future generation to come. May GOD let it be so.

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    Biden is a known plagiarist.

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    This is good to recognize and respect the good features of another religion, but too many Americans have sons dead from Muslim wars in the Middle East.  So it's premature, or bad politics.

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