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How to reconcile the science and the precepts of God, in order to solve the problems of humanity in an ethical way?

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    The real teaching of the precepts of GOD has nothing in contradicting to the work of science , since science limit itself to its materialistic point of view on, what , how, when and where . It can not go beyond that or otherwise it has to be tackle by Metaphysics on the question of Who?  For instance, who creates the first pure energy, that posses no form but can perform work, then being ignited to be big bang? Science prove that in drinking alcohol would cause harm to our physical as well as mind or spirit of our body. Religious precept then forbid those believers in drinking intoxication of all kinds and considered it to be sinful act ,as it is committing unjust to oneself and drinking alcohol, would be the key to open all doors of evils and sinful acts  that cause so many problems of humanity, from the past till the present to become unethical by having low morality. So in order to solve the problems of humanity in an ethical way, then mankind should follow the precepts of GOD, that being confirmed by the knowledge of science , as the example that I had raised above.

  • martin
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    Application of the wisdom of the Bible can help in negotiations and settlements of differences that could lead to war.

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    Read the Bible to learn what God has done. Read science books for how He did it.

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    To be ethical would mean dropping religion.

    A god belief does not make you ethical, quite the opposite.

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