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Does your religion condemn suffering to others?


1. Religious rules that are against the suffering of others. 2. The opinion of your morality or philosophy against this suffering.

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  • hace 8 meses
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    My religion teach that , do to others as you want others do to you , so to commit suffering to others means asking damnation from GOD to be upon the one who commit it. So those oppressors who oppressed others are declaring war against GOD, the Lord of all the worlds.

  • hace 8 meses

    My religion does humanitarian work around the globe.  By our fruits you know us.

  • ?
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    hace 8 meses

    I suppose my greatest intolerance is the deliberate infliction of suffering on others.

  • hace 8 meses

    In English it would probably be written "Condemn others to suffering".  I don't have any religion to speak of. 

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  • Anónimo
    hace 8 meses

    What?  That doesn't make sense.  No one can "condemn suffering."  You need a dictionary.

    edit -- Saad:  Sorry, you're still making no sense.

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    hace 8 meses

    Suffering is this existence, we can try to overcome it but eventually suffering happens

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