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According to your religion: is it better to spend on armaments, or health, fight against poverty and the preservation of the environment?

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    As we see in our current world, most of the countries in the world being controlled by those war monkers countries , so their Governments must fix around 30 percent of their yearly budgets for buying WMD from them , to kill their own people , when political conflicts arises ,as witness. Imagine the local farmers buying fourty of their farm tractors, to develop their lands for growing crops to feed their people , while their Governments bought one Tank from the war monkers countries , the same prize as of fourty farm tractors. My religion teach me to raise voice against these injustice done by our ignorance rulers on our yearly  taxation. 

  • hace 4 meses

    To fight against poverty.

    But we also have the responsibility to safeguard our freedom.

  • hace 4 meses

    My religion upholds the human right of self defense and suggests that a just government has the right to make decisions about how to properly balance all the priorities you mentioned.

  • Archer
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    hace 4 meses

    I do all but then I don't have a religion to dictate for me.

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  • Anónimo
    hace 4 meses

    My religion doesn't address govt spending other than to instruct me to pay my taxes, by the words. "render unto Caesar what is his."

  • hace 4 meses

    Our taxes go where the need is.

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