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What importance do you attach to the religious pilgrimage?

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    My understanding of the importance of , attach to the religious pilgrimage , as to your mention , is to be dedicated and being  humble to the Law of GOD, that being prescribed for that kinds of pilgrimage,ie; Performing Hajj and Umrah. The main intention is to be nearness to GOD , as much as possible, since we appear ourselves in the precinct of HIS Holy House or Baitullah, of having full of Blessing, both in heaven and earth.

    We should ask for forgiveness  from GOD to forgive all of our past sins , in the hope that when we complete our religious rituals ,GOD would accept our endeavor , then  we would be pure as a child. Before departed,  we would pray to GOD to keep us in spending the rest of our lives to be successful both  in this world and the here after world. May GOD permits.

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    Properly accomplished, a religious pilgrimage should be a near occasion of grace.

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    WHICH religious pilgrimage?

  • Gloria
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    None.  Religious pilgrimages are done by those of weak faith because they believe they are not worthy to be saved unless they go on a pilgrimage.

    We are saved by the grace of God through the death of Jesus.  If you do not believe Jesus died for you sins, your sins will NOT be forgiven.

    For God so loved the world that he gave his "only begotten" Son.  Begotten comes form the verb beget.  Beget has two meaning 1. to procreate as the father: to SIRE  2. to produce as an outgrowth or effect: to CAUSE

    God caused a part of himself to come forth (out of) him and called him his only begotten Son.

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    It's good for the local economy of the goal location, as well as the economy of those places along the way.

    Some people have NO DIFFICULTY claiming that "GOD is EVERYWHERE", and yet, will spend time and money going to "The Holy Land". How can a land where God IS, be any LESS holy than any other place where the SAME God allegedly ALSO is??

    And the ONLY part of the body of Jesus which did NOT ascend into Heaven ( according to those who FEEL that the Ascension happened) was his tiny foreskin, whacked off by some Rabbi, when Jesus as 7 days old- per Jewish law.

    So, during the Middle Ages, there were no fewer than FOUR different pilgrimage sites, EACH claiming to have theONE! the ONLY! the AUTHENTIC foreskin of Jesus!!

    Read all about it in David Farley's book:

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    It can be a long journey or search, especially one of exalted purpose and moral significance. The heroes of faith are described as "strangers and pilgrims on the earth" (Heb 11:13). The Christian's true citizenship, or permanent home, is in heaven (Phil 3:20). While on earth, he or she is but a pilgrim, a traveler, a temporary resident. 

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    It is pure foolishness, and proof you are being manipulated.

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    As with religion, there is no point to it.

    (Source... it's obvious really.)

  • yesmar
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    None whatsoever.  As a follower of Jesus and seeker of truth, I tend to abhor religious practices.

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