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1781 Disk 1 Failure Error after Win XP Installation.?

I recently fomatted my HP nc6220 laptop with Win Xp , but after the setup restarted it brought the the error "1781 Disk 1 Failure" when booting. Now I Cant finish my installation and am stuck cant use my laptop.

What could be the problem n whats the solution, anyone?

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    It looks like (from this website's specs info) there are a few things that could be causing the problem ;

    1) The standard Techie answer would be that Yopu're probably using a generic rertail installation disc instead of the one that would've opriginally come with the laptop, or the installed recovery poartition. These discs include certain driver software for the motherboard's "internal chipset" as far as how it interacts with a;ll hardware, includiung audiio, video, USB, CD/DVD and harddrive controllers. You can fix thuis by using genuine OEM drivers for the chipset, since You can't atart Windows, get a genuine modfel-specific recovery disc set.

    2) It also looks like this system was built with fairly heavy "security features" because it was desigfned as a business laptop, which means thast there may also be some piece of secutity coding that detected the new hardddrive arrangement and decided to ock You out at the BIOS or motherboard level. You may be able to open the laprtop and flip a selector or "jumper" to reset the security block, but it wouldn;t be as simple enough fix for anyone who hasn;t openeed a laptop before.


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    You have bad sectors on your HDD. Get into BIOS and check if there's a tool for testing your HDD. 80GB takes roughly 50min.

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