Is Sonic Generations a good game?

I've always had an interest in Sonic, but have NEVER ever played a Sonic game, mostly because I didn't grow with Nintendo consoles and didn't get to play it when I was a kid. So now I just noticed Sonic Generations came out a year ago, and after watching some footage I think it looks pretty cool. I'm not too sure though, and I'd like the opinion of real Sonic fans. So tell me, should I buy it and give it a chance?

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    As an orignal hardcore sonic and the sega genesis era system fan, sonic generations is a good game for pretty much anyone who has an open mind to sonic. So in your situation ,yes, it'll be good. it's the old and new hybrid so you'll get to experience how sonic was like when sega genesis was in. The best part of the game is simply having fun while you ride throughout the courses. The graphics are clean, the gameplay is sweet and its very easy to navigate through.

    There's more videos and reviews from other sonic generations owners here

    Hope that helps. Have fun! Hope you get this as a christmas present.

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    Not the best Sonic game but it is pretty good.

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