What can i do at my halloween party?

Hi... i'm from argentina... we don't celebrate halloween but my birthday is october 31... so i'm going to celebrate a halloween party with costumes... but i'm afraid we don't know what people do on halloween xD ... ¿Are there any games or things we can do? Kind of ouija or i dont know anything will help me!!


we are a group of friends of 20 years old... just to be clear...

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  • hace 9 años
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    Make some scary things to eat, like eyeballs, graves, fingers, cupcakes with halloween themed picks that you can print... find some recipees online or think of them yourself! Have something red (like blood) or green (like witches brew) for drinking...

    Get some Halloween music! Print out some decorations like spiders, bats...

    Think of some scary pranks to scare your friends!

  • hace 9 años

    I live in usa and while i dont normally go to halloween parties, I do go to my high school's dance. We turn out all of the lights, dance, have dry ice in the drinks, and we have fun

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