I need your help about kitchen design !?

Hi I'm Alvaro I'm studing architecture and I have to make an apartment design for a 30 years old man who is Chef (fictional client) I just wanted to know if you can help me with ideas about a great kitchen design This is kinda difficult for me because I was thinking about a functional design with a lot of stainless steel, something about a minimalist design (only a few elements , furniture etc) But perhaps thats very boring for a cook or chef I don't know really . I want to design your dreams kitchen, something special . something so cool that you just want to stay right there a lot of hours cooking your recipes.

I hope you can help me .

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    You have two design influences that appear to be at odds with each other. A kitchen, especially designed for a chef SHOULD be minimalist, with everything in place to prepare meals efficiantly. Any discussion of "furniture" would normally have no part in this design.

    On the other hand, this is a kitchen is someone's HOME, which suggests that a certain level of comfort must be felt by the client. After all, except for rare occasions, he wouldn't be preparing dozens of meals over a period of several hours, like he might in a restaurant. So, a chef's table in a small nook in the kitchen would be nice. Big windows, admitting natural light would be handy, or, a skylight.

    You don't mention any space limitations. Is there room for a walk-in fridge/freezer? A separate pantry off to the side?

    This kitchen wouldn't have to be anything like the scale of a restraunt's, but familar tools of the trade should be in place. One advantage a good home kitchen may have over a restaurant's is in additional, comfortable floor space. Even the biggest professional kitchens tend to be tight, especially with the crowded staffing requirements. Nice, wide aisles, with "clusters" of prep and cooking areas arranged in a logical sequence (meat prep separate from veggie prep, dry prep from wet prep, etc.) could make a very comfy home kitchen for a professional chef.

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    Smart ideas for the small kitchen

    the small kitchen But do not feel upset of, good use of the small space that you can enjoy a wonderful kitchen. It is known that the organization itself makes anywhere wider, let alone integrate the organization and exploitation of intelligence in tight places together?

    First: you the best advice:

    & You have to take into account the integration of system colors, kitchen cabinets colors of the pelvis and the work area and window curtains, but all the equipment and kitchenware. Must choose a consistent and harmonious colors

    & Choosing the right colors : Attention harmonically colors components small kitchen and put the lid Colorful tube butane (burner) and the cover of a special washing clothes, lamp and lighting color, even the color of the dishes and cups of the key elements affecting the colors and small kitchens.

    & The decor in simple: Make sure the acquisition of non-small kitchens cabinets smirk and simple in decor so as not to make you feel tight place

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    The marble recessed backsplash is built into the raised walnut counter that sits six inches taller than the marble counter, concealing the work area from guests but still making it visually gratifying for guests on the other side. Upper cabinets are practical you can make the cabinet fronts solid and uniform or create a sense of openness with glass fronts. Glass fronted cabinets create depth and make the kitchen feel more spacious.

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