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Hi everyone. I'm from Argentina and I've been studying English for five years. I have got no doubts that talking to an English native speaker is the best way to practise and improve my knowledge about this language. If you have got any of the following conditions you could be very helpful for me:

- you want to know about other cultures and countries;

- you like making new friends;

- you are studying Spanish and you're looking for some extra-practice;

- you like talking;

- you have got a microphone;

- you have got a Hotmail account;

Thank you so much for now. Best wishes.


Oh Cory, I can't contact you 'cos you haven't written your e-mail address on your profile. What can we do?

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  • hace 1 década
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    Hola! Bueno hablas muy bien! Me gustaría tener un amigo practicar mi español, hace 4 años que estudio español, no soy muy bien bueno escribeme y podemos empezar hablar chao!

    Tambien mi email es, casi tengo 18 años

  • hace 1 década

    Claro que si. Tengo ganas de aprender mas de su país. mi mail es: Tengo todos las cosas que ha mencionado. Mucho gusto. Mi Hotmail es, pero favor de comunicarme en principio por

    Fuente(s): 40+ years of Spanish as a beloved second language. ¡Me encanta el Español!
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