Which are the cheapest sites to visit in Europe?

Well, I'm from Argentina and I haven't got a lot of money, and I would like to visit Europe. What advices can you give me? Have you got any information? Please notice me. Thank you very much.

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    Lately, I visited 13 cities in 11 countries in that area.

    You have plenty to see without paying for. Imagine to walk in Prague, there is a huge city center with hills and old buildings with special architecture. Most cities are built within rivers running in the center. You can have fantastic walks along those rivers.

    If you leave in more than 3 months, you should check Ryanair.com as the tickets are pretty cheap when you are flexible. As example: I went from London to Riga (return) for $80.

    Walking is something free, most city centers are great to visit, add to these the city parks, the beaches and even walking over the bridges. Porto (Portugal), La Rochelle (France) are very great for their old cities.

    Many cities have a very cheap daily ticket for unlimited uses. It is great for visiting while being seated and see more sections of a city in a short time.

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    Swing by Bulgaria.

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