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i want adopt another?

my , adorable 15 years old passed away i want adopt another one but my 3 years old albino bichon is a bully he want be the only one what can i do


he hasa pink noise a lligth blue ets , sure i want from the shelter somebody leave him in my house i never show up , he is neuter

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    You need to be the "drill sergeant" in a manner of speaking. You need to let him know that YOU are the boss, not him. Once he's become better, then you could probably adopt another dog. It doesn't matter what gender you pick, it all depends on the personality.

    Just walk him for 20 minutes before you pick up your new dog. Have them meet on neutral territory. Walk them parallel, then in front of each other at a tiny distance, then walk them together. There will be a little bit of quarreling, but that's only to establish ranks in the pack. But if you hold strong and let them BOTH know YOU are boss, there won't be too many.

    Fuente(s): Current puppy owner and experienced dog trainer.
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    Start socializing your dog before bringing another one into the house. Take your dog to dog parks a few times a week, maybe go on walks with your friends & their dogs and bring your bichon. Show him that other dogs are OK, and are fun to be around. Maybe when you feel he is getting better start searching, since he is a male he would probably do best with a submissive female dog about his size or tiny bit bigger, and one that isn't a puppy. Start looking at rescue groups & shelters ( when you find a dog that might work go and visit the dog. If you like the dog ask the people at the sheltrer if you can go and get your dog and see how they do together (almost all shelters will be ok with this). Bring your dog and see how the two do together. After about an hour maybe a bit less without any problems start thinking about adopting the dog.

    When you do adopt the dog don't rush anything, and stay calm and assertive. Feed both dogs in seperate areas or they will fight over the food. What we do here is I feed my lasha mix in the bedroom and my westie in the kitchen. Feed them at the same time but give your first dog his food first. Also take the dogs on a walk everyday for atleast thirty minutes or so, if you don't have time try atleast once a week, together. They will start getting into a pack state of mind.

    Just make sure that both dogs are comfortable with each other and are happy and don't force anything.

    Good luck & sorry for your loss.

    Fuente(s): Work at a animal shelter and own two dogs right now.
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    Adopt a child, or even better go into foster care, that way you can provide a good home for numerous children. Its always nice to have your own children, but nothing is quite as rewarding as picking up where other people messed up and making a childs life worthwhile again. I know if I could I'd atleast adopt. Look into it, get involved, it might be exactly what you're looking for after all. *Good Luck and Smiles*

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    Socialize the Bichon with other dogs.

    It will take time for your Bichon to adjust, and yes, he will establish a pecking order with a new dog. Don't get a puppy. Get a dog around his age from a shelter.

    Our Toy Poodle was much the same way. We did socialize her a lot at the dog park, and she was ok there. It was when she'd go to visit a dog that she'd become a bully. But when we got Sammy from a rescue, he was her age and put her in her place. It took a couple days for her to adjust to having him. Just make sure to constantly supervise them the first couple days, and when you can't watch them, be sure and separate them. They should be fine after the first week.

    Edit: "Albino Bichon?" All Bichons are white.

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    I wouldn't get another pup. The resident dog can and will make it's life miserable just by eye-contact an intimidation.

    Why not use the time you would spend with the pup with your 3 year old? He'd love the attention and the training. Maybe you could try agility or fly ball with him.

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    try some training with your bichon walking him near other dogs without letting him lunge growl etc. when you feel he is comfortible enough around other dogs start introducing him to the possible adoptee.

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    I wouldn't get another one if you have a 3 year old bully.It will not work.Sorry but that's my opinion.

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    try training him

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