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How many hours does the average dog sleep per day?

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    From what I have read and learnt from my vet. A dog can sleep up to an average of 13hrs a day. Young or old.

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    Average Dog Sleep Per Day

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    Depends on the dog and its age. Active breeds, like a Jack Russell Terrier, seem to have endless energy and are ready to go all the time. Other breeds, like a Chihuahua or a Yorkie, are less active and sleep or rest much longer than their bigger cousins. Young dogs are more active than older dogs, and senior dogs sleep an awful lot more as they age. And dogs adapt to your lifestyle; if you are active, they tend to be more active too. If you're a couch potato, they'll snooze too.

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    Most of the time I am home with are dogs. But when we leave we put my sister puppy in the cage so she don't pee in the house and we leave my dog and my moms dog out, and that is no longer then about 4 or 5 hours and i feel bad about that because you shouldn't leave your dog in a cage no longer then 3 hours.

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    My dog is a mastiff, he sleeps all night, after a walk or any activity.

    He will lie down just about any where when he's tired. I know he's had enough when i ask him to sit and he will just lie down. Most large breeds will need more sleep than other dogs.

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    a puppy is like 4 off eat sleep a older dog is almost the same during the active year when you sleep they sleep unless your dog is a active breed then they sleep when you tried them out

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