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What foods can you eat to increase your platelet levels?

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    Try Sweet Potato tops. Boil these leaves for 5 mins (add a pinch of salt for flavor) then drink the soup. The more concentrated, the better. You may also eat the cooked leaves. In tandem with this, avoid food and drinks that contain "Quinine" as this is said to lower Platelet count. Quinine is found in many carbonated drinks like tonic water and soft drinks. It is always best to consult a medical professional.

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    The first of the two studies gives the clue.

    Selenium (50mcg - 400 mcg max daily) is the clue. It is a cofactor of GSH or glutathione.

    Boost your glutathione and you will boost your count.

    The third site has some dietary things you can do. To avoid taking another pill, use two Brazil nuts to get your 200 mcg of selenium.

    Hope this helps.

    Good health to you.

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    Food with IRON (meat, grean leafy vegetables, liver)

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    Try webmd

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