Big Bang/Big Crunch imply multiple universes?

If the universe is bouncing and one universe is created, then destroyed, then another one created, and destroyed.. eternally. then all the universes created would be exactly the same because they are formed by the same force and ruled by the same laws. so there would be no variation in one universe and another, no forces that make one different from another, exactly the same randomness. So we would exist exactly as we are in all of the universes. right?

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    M-theory postulates that the formation of universes could be the result of the collision of membranes in the multiverse, although there is no empirical evidence to support this assertion. If you follow the oscillatory model of the universe, the universe undergoes periodic "bangs," followed by gravity attracting all of the matter in the universe back into a singularity (or "big crunch") from which the universe "bangs" again. There are lots of problems with this model and it has generally fallen from favor among scientists. If there are multiple universes, it is unlikely that everyone exists the same in these other planes because it is quite likely that the laws of physics in these universes would not be the same as our own (leading to entirely different environments than our own universe). However, if you look at a cyclic model of the universe (similar to the oscillatory theory except that time restarts with each cycle) and there is indeed a universal theory of everything as proposed by M-theory proponents, then theoretically each cycle of the universe should repeat exactly the previous cycle, meaning that in each cycle history repeats itself.

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    valuable video yet no you may answer the question by way of fact ... we are area of the universe and we are able to basically be conscious it from right here and now! Our memory and our creative and prescient make us attentive to 2 dimensions; respectively time and area. There could be different dimensions we can't even wager. we expect of we are able to flow in area yet time flows. Is it real? we don't be attentive to; we are tied by way of our biologic nature: we bear in mind the previous and we see and flow in area. yet Relativity says that there is not any absolute reference in area or time. everywhere we are, we are on the midsection of the universe. this is why we be conscious the pink shift of distant galaxies as though they have been all shifting faraway from us. yet we could be conscious an identical everywhere interior the universe and at any time. As I now shop my cup of espresso over my table, i will drop it. i will do it now, or in some seconds, or by no skill. possibly there's a "length" the place I do it now, in some seconds, and by no skill. added in that length, i could no longer be born and extra away, the earth would possibly no longer exist. yet one component is for specific: in that length, there is not any longer an adventure the place, when I drop the cup, it strikes up in the direction of the sky. on the grounds that defies the regulations of physics. possibly each thing it is accessible exists. yet we are able to basically be conscious issues from right here and now. possibly the great crunch will ensue and doubtless it will be a diverse universe, yet ... possibly all accessible universes exist already. no longer as beans in a jar, although, yet as ... a length. playstation : My spouse says that if I drop that tumbler of espresso on my table, i'm going to be in serious difficulty! So, I won't :-)

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    The big bang and hypothesized big crunch deal with this universe. Multiverses is a topic within M-Theory.

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    depends if one universe is altered then they all are theoretically

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