How do I make PNG 8 files with alpha channel using Gimp?

I know you can convert an image to indexed mode with 256 colors, and that there is a "Save for web" plug-in that saves in PNG 8. But how can you save in PNG 8 format maintaining the alpha channel using Gimp just like Fireworks do.


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    To have alpha channel on png file, you need to go to menu, layer, transparency, add alpha channel, then save the file as the type of png wanted.

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    Alpha channel (or just alpha) is something witch controls teh transparency of the image, it is a sperate black and white image that tells other prgrams which bit is seethough and which bit you want to show, White is opaic , black is transparent. To get to this in photoshop on the layers thing there is a tab whitch says channels, click this and click teh create new channel button at the bottom, Its a little square logo. This will autromaticaly create a alpha channel for you to edit, just do it int he way you would edit and photo. To save an image with teh alpha channel you will need to save it as a GIF or a TGA (targa) file. There are others but im not sure which ones work. Hope this wasnt to techinical

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