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Need help buying a Nikon Lens !?

I need a good, not too expensive lens for a Nikon D200 I will be shooting weddings, portraits (I'm not a pro i just do it for my friends) or if someone can give a link where I can do some research. I also like to take lots of pix when I travel with my kids. Or if anyone have one for sale (I Live in So. California by Disneyland) Thanks for any advice you guys can provide.


I have an Af-S Nikkor 55-200 1:4-5.6G VR.

and you're right "Fhotoace" they better pitch in some money so I can get me a good lens.

someone is trying to sell me 2 SIGMA zoom lenses: a 28-80 w/macro and a 70-210 1:4-5.6D DL Macro.

What would be a good price for these lenses and would you recommend buying any or both of these lenses?.

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I forgot to mention I just went from film to digital !

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    the standard lens that comes with most SLRs is about a 18-55 mm believe. This is best for portraits and weddings. Its wide and newer ones let in plenty of light in low light conditions. It's also probably the least expensive lens also. So if you don't already have it, get it

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    It is an FX lens. The more moderen Nikkor AF-S 24-70 mm lens has Nano Crystal coating at the lens which reduces extra ghosting and lens flare among the factors of the lenses than the older so known as Super Muliti Coating at the moderately older lenses. This new coating produces greater snapshot readability

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