Sounds at the beginning of Beatles Back in the USSR, Love version?

Does anyone know from which Beatles' song are the sounds at the start of Back in the USSR in the album Love. The song begins in the previous track, Revolution, and the sounds are heard on the minute 2:10 of this track. Then the track ends and Back in the USSR starts.


No, before the airliner. its at the end of the Revolution track. A sound of an i-dont-know-what instrument on the last seconds of the revolution track. Must be from another beatles' song

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    The screeching guitar is from Helter Skelter

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    i grow to be on the verge of adjusting right into a fanboy yet stumbled on my way out with the aid of listening to some Gang of four. So, i assume i've got not long previous throught the section yet... BQ: uninteresting BQ2: I basically like Revolver BQ3: Eleanor Rigby @Jimmy, i'm puzzled. i did not say The White Album? Eleanor Rigby's on Revolver.

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