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Why do people let this happen?

Just read about the damn whaling of the crazy japanese.... I really dont get why this hasnt been stopped by now. And the crazy part is that the japanese dont get that what comes from the sea is not for anyone to make theirs and less kill it. My attitude towards this is that if they are so keen on f%$# eating things that are not needed for survival, why not raise them, feed them and have special control and slaughtering like all of the world has for chickens, cows, pigs, etc. How the hell can they get away with killing animals that are wild and not ment to be eaten?And not even theirs or their countries.... anyone who agrees with me and has the power to do something, dont just sit there and do it. I think all of us who eat what regular human beings eat and respect the environment would appreciate it.

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  • Andy
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    I think it's time we drop the economic hammer on Japan and boycott them across the board!

    There is even a neat website (see link below) called "Boycott Japan" that has some detailed and interesting information on how to boycott products from Japan and get the anti-whaling message to these people.

    I'm not an advocate of anyone going to extreme measures to enforce (no matter how right, just and humane) an act on another society.

    In this case though I'm sick of the arrogance and disregard Japan displays to the world (be it historical revisionism in the atrocities they committed in WWII or whaling) that I think heavy handed measures should be taken.

    I'd be thrilled to see the U.S. Navy and the Royal Navy intercept these whaling ships, order the crews off, haul them into U.S. or British ports and scrap them.

    The stance that this is a "cultural" aspect of Japan's society is a joke. These are the same people that used sex slaves for the army as late as WWII.

  • Anónimo
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    Here's 3 reasons people let it happen.

    1. People let it happen because nobody cares.

    2. It's part of their culture, leave them alone.

    3. Whale meat tastes awesome, and eating animals is the most spiritual thing some people do, I know it is for me, it's like a competition/game and you have to eat as many as possible. I try to negate as many vegetarians a day by eating more than one animal, I average around 2, but some days it's more.

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    Oh, your one of thoes nuts. You eat stuff thats not just for survival. Everyone does.All animals are meant to be eaten by something. Who gives a flying f**k which specie eats what? Pick on something in your back yard like ants or snakes or gophers.

    Yeah, Let the U S of A be the one to lead he fight. No wonder then that americans are disliked around the world , even by their friends.

  • Anónimo
    hace 1 década

    "why not raise them, feed them and have special control and slaughtering like all of the world has for chickens, cows, pigs, etc".

    At least the Whales have a life before they are killed, unlike the "lowly" chickens ,cows, and pigs.

    Your post smacks of hypocrisy.

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    lets do what we can what ever it takes to stop them....the whales are not for science....ill post a link to the live web cam on board the ship Esperanza as it chases the japanese ships across the cannt see through the cam when it gets dark which is now, but first thing in the morning you will have clear vision....the pictures upload live every 30 your best in passing on the message...thankyou

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    hace 4 años

    you got a element, Mani. people have a tendency in charge God by way of fact we are scared to stand the reality that those are all results of our judgements. besides, i've got self belief people by using nature are stable. all of us are stable. yet those unfavorable happenings are in general all guy-made. God gave us education for I consistently refer by way of fact the Noble Qur'an.. and God gave us the experience of decision making. while finally confronted with 2 alternatives, to do stable or to do undesirable, it incredibly is oftentimes been us.. our judgements, our decision and we would desire to consistently take duty of the outcomes it motives. Even the issues given to us as tests or trials that are previous our administration, it is nonetheless our decision the thank you to reply to it in the tip. (one million) "How can He enable us to do this to a minimum of one yet another, (2) and could He ever forgive us for what we've completed." What I reported in this assertion is that it no longer quickly contradicts itself. the 1st area of it claims that those are all made by using God, however the 2nd line admits it incredibly is us who did it. Verily, in elementary terms ALLAH (s.w.t) understands what's right for each guy or woman and we would desire to consistently consistently persist with Him no rely what to confirm that us to be on the suited suited direction, Insha'Allah :)

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    Send a nasty e-mail to the following;

    Maybe if we take down their server with traffic they'll get a good idea of how many people in the world do not want this to happen.

    Pass it on and keep up the fight !!!

  • hace 1 década

    It's a pity really...hoping the intelligence of their own race dawns on them soon.

  • hace 1 década

    It is a terrible thing they are doing.

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