My DH and i have been ttc this month and we have been doing the BD almost every day since the 23rd.?

for the past 3 o 4 nights he hasn't been able to mantain an erection when we are about to have sex and he's getting really worried and frustrated. We've benn together for 5 yrs. and this has never happened. Why do u think this is happening??

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  • hace 1 década
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    maybe its bc you are doing too much bd'ing. my dh and i bd every other night to ttc, its not by choice, its bc we have to bc of his work schedule and his low semen count. They say it takes 24 hours for the sperm count to build back up if your husband has a normal sperm count. maybe try skipping a night or two and then see if it still happens.

    good luck-

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