Has anyone here had their points total zeroed on Microsoft Live Search Club?

A friend of mine has http://360.yahoo.com/profile-7444p.Q1frzEMzGW1FwI and got less than a satisfactory response to her complaint.

"Thank you for writing to Live Search Club. A few players like you have had their score reset. The Live Search Club screens game play against criteria meant to identify likely use of bots, macros, or other automated programs to play the games.

Those types of activity violate the terms of use of our service. When a user account has triggered these criteria, the Live Search Club cancels any prize orders and discontinues ticket accruals for the account.

The Club Live Search team is committed to providing a positive experience for millions of users that are enjoying these games. "

If this has happened to you, how did you resolve the matter?

Did you get the points back?

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  • hace 1 década
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    i heard of someone saying they somehow figured out he was cheating an they took all is points off him but he was sure it was all a big con as they should know your not cheating when you log in not playing fair at all

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