I don't know what to do i have a cough three weeks ago and is still have it?

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    If you have a cough i would recommned you to take Astexpect is it good for respiratory problems and it help you. my brother had cough with pleghm he took astexpect and in a few days he felt better.

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    Actually it's not uncommon to have a cough for an extended period of time. You did not mention other symptoms that you have been having. If you have had a dry, itchy, or scratchy throat, watery eyes, a runny nose, or head pain around your sinuses, you could have allergies, and you could have a sinus infection. Generally you will notice your nose running green when you have an infection though. You may also have some sort of throat infection. Gargle with a solution of warm water and hydrogen peroxide, when you spit out the gargle (don't swallow it) pay attention to the color of it. If it's white and foamy looking, then you probably have an infection and you should see a doctor. Allergies, throat infections, asthma, and so many other conditions can cause an ongoing cough. So can pollutants in the air especially if you have a dusty home, and so can the common cold. In some parts of the country whooping cough is going around right now, even in people who have been vacinated against it, and the cough is lasting up to six months. I had a cough from September 2006-April 2007 and they never did figure out what the "cough" was caused by, and I still have the chest pain the cough left behind.

    As for how to make the cough more manageable, take a trip to Wal Mart or your local drug store and purchase a pack of honey lemon mentholeucalyptus cough drops. If you have throat pain, look for throat lozenges made by Fishermen's Friend. For sleeping at night, try liquid Tylenol Cold and Flu or Tylenol Extreme Cold liquid...the stuff tastes horrible, but it really works. For everyday relief from cough, go with Mucinex, it truly works. Hope your cough subsides soon. If you have not seen a doctor yet, you should, there are many serious illnesses and diseases that they can rule out which can help put your mind at ease.

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    You don't tell us enough information. Is it a dry, hacky cough? Are you producing any phlegm? Blood? Are you coughing all the time? Is it keeping you up all night? What started the cough? Do you have any other background info? Smoking? Asthma?

    For instance, I pretty much always cough. I have asthma and allergies and it just happens. Every single time I get so much as a cold, I get bronchitis and end up coughing for at least six weeks. It's annoying, but there's nothing anyone can do about it.

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    wonderful & bethann,,,,,,cough.chron, bronchitis may be food,pet dander,or dust & mold allergies.......you have to either make an appt with a physician md called "clinical ecologists"(american academy of environmental medicine on the net),,,,,,or ,by challenge & elimination diet,,,,by trial & rror,you find the offending food/protein or chemical that is aggravating the problem.it takes time,,,,most docs would rather give you zirtec & tell you ' come back in 6 weeks & we'll try something else if zirtec doesn't work"aaem' docs have been around for 25 yrs,are outside the circles of traditional medicine as far as getting a referral from your present doctor,and insurance cos wont reimburse you for the cost(800 to 1k $$$ for initial o/v & skin testing.their tenets are that illnesses often,not all the time,occur because of biological sensitivitiies to foods,chemicals,animal dander,mold fungus,,,and common ole yeast.family practise traditional docs who're likely to use drug company stuff,and treat other methods besides their methods as nonsense,,,methods which,very likely,allopathic docs(pharma docs) know nothing about,,,,and do not listen to patients who tell them of success with alternative docs,and "could YOU try this technique.nope nope nope,,,,,,,,,seeing the doc i've described involves an 11 hour mineral water fast prior to visit day,presenting dr with maybe 10 pgs of you and your families health history,skin tests where suspect allergens are injected under the skin,and not just scraping or scratching the skin(this reaches deeper tissues with the challenging food protein of chemical that triggers immune reactions),a positive reaction causes a wheal or bump with reddened edges to show on the skin,,,,mainstream docs don't like this technique because it may elicit the growth of a hidden cancer,tumor,or the hiv virus.,a careful case history,and hospital records,prevents this from being an issue.treatment consists of eliminating or rotating foods that you are allergic to,including dairy,colas,snacks,candy bars,white flours sugar,yeast..diet emphasizing fresh veggies,organic if possible,whole grain flours,,again foods ,even yeast free foods ,that cause allergic reaction,are avoided.poultry'beef,chicken,shellfish,lamb,maybe fish,peanuts,corn syrup,beet ,cane sugar,,,,,,these are common offenders,those that cause you grief might be a couple ,3 or 4 of these.depending on what you react to in the skin tests,,,,,rotation means not eating the same meal for 3 or 4 days,,,,,,this means your system is less likely to construct antigens (protein tags on the outside of your immune cells that then attack the incoming food with chemicals & digestive enzymes),thereby reducing your cough.you also get sublingual drops to put under the tounge,usually once a day,.l ,,these are like vaccines that have minute,weakened doses of allergens that help neutralize the blood level of antigen,you likely will get nystatin oral powder to kill yeast in g.i. tract,the aaem docs have also treated gulf war vets for chronic fatigue syndrome,,,,,,are made up of poediatricians,dentists,gps,that have the same training as other traditional docs,,after getting heir license ,,,,they intern at aaem for a couple years,see patients learn to treat them,have an excellent success rate,and belong on the menu as accessible to patients,i saw one of these folks in hinsdale abiut 12 years ago,with bronchitis,muscle ache, sleep disorder,dizziness,sleep apnea,decreased dexterity on a musical instrument,add,,,,the diet & meds returned me to being a tony tiger. the technique and treatment puts the burden on you to stick to the diet they suggest,take the drops,,get re tested twice a year,and they will prescribe sufficient anti fungals to maintain you in good shape.aaem docs will,if you twist their arms,,give you pharm meds,choosing those that will have fewest side effects,this done if time & distance are a problem for you,altho they believe the other measures are better ,more effective treatment,,,,,this flexibility is not evident in mainstream docs.its my thought that medical care without the above techniqes is third rate,shabby, and inadequate medical care

    Fuente(s): american academy of environmental medicine,,,hq in wichita,ks,ringem up on net,get referral to closest one to you,book for layfolks, 'the yeast connection' dr wm crook,pub 1974,rev 1991...maybe still in healthfood stores,thrift shopsIi am a guitarrist,reader ,and factory worker who thiks there oughta be some change
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