Ayuda, Teachers, any ideas to teach animals and actions in a funny way?

La unidad trata de animales y lo que hacen, trabajo con niños de 4o de primaria, algun juego o actividad para que se diviertan y aprendan?? Help me please!

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    hace 1 década
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    Elicit their favorite animals

    ask them to describe it

    write paper sheets with pairs of animals

    randomly pass to the students

    ask them to find the pair only by the sounds they make

    all students have to produce the noise of the animal they have

    it is really fun

    good luck

  • hace 1 década

    Bring the class animals images or draws and elicit them only to watch them while you tell students the name of the animal.

    Then put down the image or draw and ask one student by one until the images are over to ask the rest of the class the name of the animal after act as the one chose.

    They will have fun and learn.

    Also you can elicit your pupils, after this to draw their favourite animal or pet describing it and trying to find its best friend who fits with its characteristics.

    Have fun.


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