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  • How long will it take for Blu-ray Disc prices to fall?


    I remember the days when blank DVDs were much more expensive than CDs... nowadays they are sold at the same value. I don't clearly remember when it was, but it certainly happened!

    So I opened this question to see if you can help both remember how long it took DVD prices to fall to an affordable value, and predict (based on similarities and differences of the situation) how long it will take the Blu-ray market do the same.


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  • ¿Dónde comprar binoculares para observación astronómica? (Capital Federal, ARG)?


    Quiero comprar unos binoculares 7x50 o 10x50 para observación astronómica.

    Como quiero ver todas las opciones pido al que conozca alguna óptica o dónde sea que vendan en Capital Federal, Argentina, que me de a conocer el lugar.


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  • How much should I charge for a Computer Program (Software)?

    I'm developing a software for offices.

    How do I estimate how much the program is worth?

    The software isn't very complex but it will do something no other program does and it will be well-presented.

    (Of course it will depend on each program and you don't know mine... but maybe you can tell me what HOW to find the value myself)

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  • Nietzsche: Qué traducción leer?


    Voy a comprar algún/os libro/s de Nietzsche, posiblemente:

    - Humano, Demasiado humano

    - Ecce Homo

    - La Gaya Ciencia

    De éstos (u otros) conocen alguna traducción recomendable?

    Alguna a evitar?

    Realmente siempre tengo esta duda al comprar libros de un filósofo:

    Alguien conoce algún foro o lugar para informarme al respecto?

    Muchas gracias.

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  • Europe Train Frequency?


    I'm traveling by train through Italy, Paris, maybe Belgium and Amsterdam this January. I'll be buying a Pass at

    I was wondering if the frequency is like 2 trains per day or a lot more for national travels such as

    - Rome to Venice

    - Venice to Milan

    and for international travels such as

    - Milan to Paris

    - Paris to Brussels

    - Brussels to Amsterdam

    Thank you in advance!!

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  • Wi-Fi for the Nintendo Wii. Complete explanation.?

    Hi. I have a common cable internet conection (bandwidth of 1Mbps) and have no idea how Wi-Fi works at all.

    But... in a week im getting my Nintendo Wii, which can connect to internet through Wi-Fi.

    So I would like to know how does Wi-Fi works (for computers first) and what would I need to connect my Wii to the internet (and how much should that cost)

    Please tell me that in "newbie" vocabulary.


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  • Bittorent: Downloading multiple files?


    If i download more than 1 file at a time with a bitorrent client: Will the speed of each of the files to download decrease?

    I mean: If Im downloading 5 files, and I want 1 of them as soon as possible, should I wait to download the other 4?

    Please tell me why :)


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  • At what speed should I be able to download with bittorent?

    Hi. Just wanted to know that and also if the speed depends on the bittorrent client you are using. Im using the one found here

    Also: If im downloading a file and i close the program or I turn my PC off what happens?


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