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  • popping or clicking noise coming from steering wheel nissan pathinder '05?

    hi, I have a 2005 Nissan Pathfinder, when I turn the steering wheel to the left you can hear a popping or clicking sound that can also be felt on the gas pedal. it only happens when I turn left and I believe it is worse when I'm at lower speeds. pretty sure haven't heard it when hitting potholes or on bumpy roads, only happens when turning left no matter how much I turn the noise is there.

    what could be causing it? is it a safety issue? would it be an expensive repair?

    1 respuestaNissanhace 6 años
  • If my truck has a manual transmission and it won't start in winter can I push start it?

    just wondering when a truck won't start in winter would it be easier to do so if it was a manual transmission, I mean just push start it or not? a diesel engine.

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  • my blackberry's wifi only works at home?

    My BB receives wifi signal at home but I can only access FB the thing is that when I go to a place with free wifi access the phone doesn't receive a signal, it reads the wifi availability but can't access any page, not even FB. I've reset the phone on numerous occasions but nothing seems to work.

    maybe someone can help me please...thanks

    1 respuestaPDAs & Handheldshace 8 años
  • average down payment and monthly payment Ford F350?

    I'm looking to get a for f350 brand new for towing rv's, it's for a contract I might get, but I want to know about how much is the down payment and about how much I'd be paying per month.

    Before you start hating on me about looking it up in the webpage I don't because they ask for too much info and then they start calling you at every hour pressuring you to buy.

    I'd be getting the truck in Brandon, Manitoba, Canada.

    Thanks in advance.

    1 respuestaFordhace 9 años
  • how often do I have to change the transmision oil on my Isuzu dmax?

    my dmax is a manual transmision 4x2 2009 and last time I changed it at 52,000km not it has 105,000km so how often do I change it? should I do it now, the gears and all work just fine no jiggling or anything.

    5 respuestasMaintenance & Repairshace 9 años
  • how much engine oil should I put to my isuzu dmax 4x2?

    I looked in the owners manual but couldn't really find it, I know it's a stupid question but I've been taking my dmax to have the oil changed at the same place for nearly 4 years, (it's a 2009 model bought it in 2008 only owner) and last week talking to a friend who has one just the same but 2006 he told me his car only uses 5 quarts of engine oil and where the change my cars oil it's always 7 quarts (at least that's what they charge me), so today I took it someplace else and guess what? It got filled up at 5 quarts but I don't want to screw my car up even worse cause I drive it 350 kms a day doing 100km/hr so I'm a bit concerned about how much oil is needed or how do I check for myself and see, I checked the oil 2 hours ago after the oil change and it indicates its full but I don't know if it is a correct reading or what, my dmax is in perfect working condition no leaks of any fluid whatsoever or anything, strarts like the day I bought it, no smoke of any color coming from the exhaust.

    I know nothing about car mechanics all I can do with a car is drive.

    thanks much appreciate your guidance.

    Ps how many gallons of diesel fit in the tank? The manual says 76 liters but where I live (central america) we use gallons but the manual says liters and if I convert it it comes out to 16 U.K. gallons and 20 U.S. gallons so which is it how do I know cause the gauge is broken since after 2 months I bought it so I never know how many kms I can go on a full tank of diesel, usually I fill up after the 350 kms I drive each day.

    2 respuestasMaintenance & Repairshace 9 años
  • ¿lei un chiste pero no le entendi a muchas cosas creo que son inventadas ayuda?

    Confesiones en la luna de miel....

    Los Recién Casados en la Primera noche. Cuando se van a la cama, ella le dice muy apenada al esposo: ¿Sabes Gordo? No te lo había dicho, y me da mucha pena contigo, pero, yo no se hacer "nada de nada", "nunca he hecho nada"... El esposo muy cariñoso le responde: Tranquila corazoncito, tu te desnudas, te acuestas y te relajas...,yo haré el resto...

    Ella le dice:

    No imbécil, tirar yo se; yo hago el Perrito, el Helicóptero, la Carretilla, el Paracaídas, la vaca muerta, el 69, la Rosca, el Pollo asado, la Vaticana, el Sombrerito, la Catapulta, el tres en uno, el Beso Negro, Clavo caliente, 7 cotufas, el Periscopio, Golden Showers, la caida del Angel, la escualidita, horno e'leña, la monja suelta, el salto del Tigre, los Transformers, el tiramisú, salta el plátano, el rabo'e Cochino, 4 esquinas, boca e' Caimán, la socialista, Sopla Maiz, la Tijereta, Palo a Pique, Locomotora, Cruz Grande, Cruz Chiquita, el Remolino, Rompe Colchón, boca e' mono, y como 15 ó 20 vainas más...!!!

    ¡¡¡ Lo que no se es lavar, planchar ni cocinar...!!!!

    q es todo esto? o solo es invento para llenar espacios.

    2 respuestasChistes y humorhace 9 años
  • Can someone really be hypnotized and tricked into acting in a certain way?

    I want to know if you can really hypnotize someone like they do on tv, and make them think they're a cow or chicken or anything of the sort?

    Been watching tv and saw someone do that, I'm not interested at ll in trying or anything but I'm really curious to know if it is real or just acting.

    1 respuestaTheatre & Actinghace 9 años
  • ¿urgente necesito convertir metros a varas cuadradas de un terreno que esta en venta?

    ok tengo las medidas en metros pero quiero saber cuanto es en varas cuadradas, mide asi; un lado tiene 61m el otro 24.7m el otro 44m y el otro 62.5m.

    cuanto es y como lo convierto en varas cuadradas y metros cuadrados.

    1 respuestaMatemáticashace 9 años
  • how often do I have to change the oil on my isuzu dmax?

    I own an isuzu dmax 2009 4x2 with 72000 kilometers on it I have recently been having to drive long distances on it 350 km daily to be exact, before that I only drove it for 30 km daily.

    my question is should I change the oil every 5000 km or more or less? the first 100 km the truck is loaded and the rest is almost empty very little weight on it, my average speed is 100km/hr, any advice on what to take care of cause I'm getting paid really good money to make that run but I wouldn't want to destroy my dmax.

    Any advice is very welcome, thanks.

    4 respuestasMaintenance & Repairshace 9 años
  • how do I check my headlight bulbs?

    One of my headlight bulbs was not working so I changed both of them cause I figured the other one might not work also any minute now, the thing is that whenever I've had one of the headlight bulbs not working I always change them both and always keep them so now I'm stuck with like 3 pairs of bulbs and don't know how to tell which one is good or bad, is there any way I can like test them or something so I can discard the ones that are not working and keep the good ones for when another one fails I don't have to buy another.

    I put them all side by side and they all look the same to me.

    4 respuestasMaintenance & Repairshace 9 años
  • what happens if I'm overdue in my credit card payments and move out of the country, what happens then?

    (just wondering) lets say you have a personal loan or something any type of loan in which you didn't have to surrender any assets to the banks or anything, you have lets say outstanding debt with the credit card company and then you move to another country and take your cash with you, do the banks or credit card companies look for you anywhere you are?

    3 respuestasCredithace 9 años
  • Do you need an american visa if you're going to Canada and have to change planes in the US?

    Planning on going to Canada for vacation I'm from Central America but don't have an American visa, I need to know if you need an American visa if your plane lands in the US but you don't get out of the airport since I would be in transit.


    1 respuestaImmigrationhace 9 años
  • Life in Edmonton, Alberta?

    Moving to Edmonton, Alberta, need some tips on how much will I spend per month living there, rent, transportation (public only) groceries, electricity, heat, and other costs we are a family of 3, my wife and I and our 10 year old son.

    If you could please give me detailed info on how much I could expect to spend monthly that way I can know about how much I need to earn so we can have a decent life, we are frugal people so we don't dine out much, maybe once every 2 months.

    2 respuestasEdmontonhace 9 años
  • Where could I live in Edmonton?

    I might get a job in Edmonton and would like some inside info as to where I could live, I have a son and wife we would like to rent a small 2 bedroom house or an apartment, somewhere where it isn't too dangerous and there are good schools, my wife will go to Kings University college or Lethbridge University just to give you an idea as to where we might spend most of our time.

    We don't mind paying a little higher in rent as long as we're not in a place where we could get caught in a gang crossfire or in a drive-by-shooting.

    If you could please tell me what the cost of living would be, rent, bus passes, and general expenses, we're used to frugal living so we don't care too much for eating out and spending, other than the necessary and maybe a movie or 2 every other month. My son is 10.

    1 respuestaEdmontonhace 10 años
  • Pepsi, Cargill coca cola delivery drivers how much do they earn?

    I would like to know about how much a delivery driver earns per hour or week or monthly working for Cargill, Pepsi or Coca Cola in Edmonton, Alberta.

    1 respuestaNon-Alcoholic Drinkshace 10 años
  • can playing golf affect my tennis swing?

    My kid is 10 and has played tennis for a year now, but wants to try tennis also, practice golf in the morning and tennis in the afternoon, but the instructors at the golf club said not to make that mistake cause he won't be able to play both sports because of the swings.

    Is that true?

    4 respuestasTennishace 10 años
  • how does work?

    how does work, I want to buy a car or an atv through copart but have no idea how it works, I know you have to buy a license and bid on the items but some items say things like sales status: on approval, or on minimum bid or pure sale and so on, what do all these mean?

    3 respuestasGooglehace 10 años
  • OK lets cut the bulls#%& Chevy, Ford or Dodge?

    I just like the Fords, Dodges and Chevrolet heavy duty trucks, but which is better, I've seen Mike Rowe praise the Ford and that other dude I forget his name with the Chevy you know when either of them says he's gonna ''test'' the trucks you know the truck they're advertising will win.

    So which heavy but really heavy duty full size truck is better?

    6 respuestasOther - Car Makeshace 10 años